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YOUR MONEY - When to rent out your house instead of selling | Reuters

10 Avr 2016 
WASHINGTON Nov 8 Once a homeowner retires ortakes a new job in another state, it usually doesn't take longfor the "For Sale" sign to pop up on the front lawn.

Years of housing market turmoil have done little to changethe conventional wisdom that it's best to sell when you go.

But that doesn't work for everybody. With home prices still14 percent below their peak, according to Federal HousingFinance Agency data, some homeowners would have to take a lossto sell their homes. Others who have held their homes for manyyears would probably profit if they sold, but they aren't readyto make that permanent commitment.

For homeowners in both categories, it might make more senseto rent out the home for a few years rather than to sell it. Butit's not a simple endeavor.

"It makes sense to rent in an area where property values aredepressed," said Jerry Gross, with the accounting firm ofOsterman, Pollack & Moses, LLC, in Bethesda, Maryland. In mostcases, it makes financial sense to rent if the rent can cover atleast 80 percent of fixed costs such as mortgage payments, taxesand insurance, said Gross, a certified public accountant andpersonal financial specialist.

The other 20 percent can often be taken as a tax loss anddeducted against other income.

In its latest forecasts, the National Association ofRealtors predicted prices of currently owned homes wouldincrease 9 percent this year and 5.3 percent next year. Doneright, it may pay to rent and wait to sell.


When Sue and Michael Thaler retired to Florida in 2008, theywere in a position to profit on their four-bedroom, two-bathhome in Arlington, Virginia. But they weren't in a hurry tosell.

They thought they might want to return to the Washingtonarea, either permanently or occasionally to catch up on localculture and see friends. They also thought that holding on totheir home as an investment would help balance their stock-heavyretirement portfolios. So even after they bought a co-op inBriny Breezes, Florida, they kept renting out their home.

They advertised it on Craigslist and were hoping for anacademic tenant who would vacate the home so they could returnfor the summer. But that isn't what they got.

"We ended up with people who wanted to rent year around on apermanent basis, (and) four roommates, which was my lowestpriority on my wish list," Sue said. But four years later, twoof the original tenants are still there and the Thalers say theyare happy with the arrangement.


There are financial benefits to being a landlord.

Rental income is taxable, but there are deductions landlordscan take against that income, Gross said. Homeowners can deductmortgage interest, property taxes, insurance, utilities not paidby the tenant and prorated portions of the money spent to buyand improve the house, known in the tax trade as depreciation.

Those deductions can sometimes produce a loss that canoffset other taxable income, but the rules are complex and thetax losses may be limited by factors like the owners' income andinvolvement with the property.

There are some other advantages to renting. Any trips backto the city where the rental property is located, includingmeals and other expenses while you are there, are deductible ifthe trip is for such purposes as finding and interviewingtenants and upkeep of the property.

But unless you time the sale of your home carefully, you cannegate all those benefits by losing the capital gains tax breakthat only resident homeowners get to take.

When a homeowner sells a home, he or she typically owescapital gains taxes of as much as 20 percent on the profit - thedifference between the sale price and the amount of money paidfor the home. Owners who have lived in their homes for two ofthe previous five years can exempt up to $250,000 ($500,000 forcouples filing jointly)from that tax. So homeowners who move outand rent out their home have to make sure they either sell itwithin three years or move back in and live in it again beforethey sell it in order to keep that tax break.


Gross, the accountant, also cautions would-be landlords that "not everything is based on economics."

Being a landlord in the same city is challenging enough,with having to deal with vetting tenants who will live in yourhome and managing maintenance and repairs. But doing it remotelyis even more challenging.

"You may not want to be an absentee landlord," says Gross.

It can cost between 10 and 15 percent of the rent to hire aproperty manager. But that's an investment that could be wellworth making - especially when the plumbing fails or thedishwasher breaks and the landlord is sitting on that Floridabeach, or sleeping.

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Early adopter picks 5 things the LG G5 does better than the Galaxy S7

06 Avr 2016 
LG G5 Vs Galaxy S7: Video picks ways the G5 is better | BGR

Samsung set the bar very high for rival Android phone makers this year with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. In fact, other than the usual complaints about Samsung's implementation of Android, it's been very hard to find any glaring flaws in the new devices.

All the same, this doesn't mean Samsung has nothing to learn from over smartphone vendors, as you'll see in a new video produced by Android aficionado Jeff Springer where he lists five things the LG G5 does better than Samsung's new flagship phones.

DON'T MISS: 24 hours with the HTC Vive was enough to turn me into a VR believer

Here are the five main things that Springer likes better about the G5:

The always-on display does a better job because it displays notifications icons right under its clock, whereas the Galaxy S7 just displays the date and time.Its removable battery is a big plus, as is Quick Charge 3.0.The fingerprint scanner is "incredibly fast" and better than both the Nexus 6P and the S7 edge.It has a better arcade hacked games front-facing camera and a terrific wide-angle rear-facing camera as well.It has an IR Blaster, which is something Samsung didn't include with the Galaxy S7

Check out Springer's full impressions in the video below.

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Online Coupons For Ideal Shopping Solutions

06 Avr 2016 
Have you been a causal shopper or perhaps a ordinary 1? Effectively, it does not issue so long as you're having discounts on your entire purchases primarily in recession-stricken occasions of these days when everyone is occupied in understanding the artwork of dwelling with lower incomes and large expenses. There is no level in having to pay far more than you can actually find the money for when using a tiny little bit of online analysis, it is possible to seize hold of incredible discounts and money-saving gives you on items of the alternative.

On the web purchasing sector has grown up to turn out to be a big network in excess of the latest many years and now it is possible to discover just about anything from a simple apparel apparel to bigger items like electronics and furnishings with just a single click on in the mouse while sitting inside of the comfort of one's residence. Low cost deals and promotional gives on a various assortment of products and solutions of every day use are already released by worlds main on the internet retailers and brands. Now, it is possible to come across low cost on line coupons in opposition to the merchandise you want to purchase which may be present in abundance if only you trawl the net just a little additional totally.

The easiest method to seize these low cost coupons is usually to check out a variety of total price comparison websites and on line coupon directories. Net procuring just isn't only hassle-free, its extra cost-effective as well and acquiring the on line coupons can essentially provide you with great financial savings and fascinating bargains on your entire purchases. Thus, they deliver you a fantastic option to examine and deal with your finances as you store on line. Why should you be paying out highly-priced once you can get identical products at cut-back price ranges? Intelligent consumers realize the value of possessing further cost savings in hand and as a result they could generally be located trawling the web to hunt down the low cost codes as a way to shell out significantly less and conserve more.

Traditional buying demands rather plenty of patience and can be a complete waste of time which none of us can pay for today when we should meet challenging get the job done deadlines and exhausting day to day perform schedules. For this reason, grabbing on line coupons can offer us an instantaneous relief by saving our important time and very difficult earned cash within the most promising and effective way and thats why internet shopping has long been gaining immense reputation about the current a long time.

Acquiring a discount coupon on line is straightforward. A coupon consists of a discount code in it. All you might have to complete is always to seize that code and then punch it in in the time of payment when you are accomplished purchasing to accumulate optimum discounts. For problem no cost delivery of your items at your doorstep, you'll be able to also get hold of free delivery codes on line as well. Even so, previous to getting your palms on the discount coupon, verify its expiry date in advance for the reason that price ranges fluctuate from week to week and online coupons preserve on introducing new low cost deals as outlined by the arrival of new goods. On the web buying is simple and pleasurable hacker games for those who only understand how to get the proper discount at the correct merchandise through the proper retail keep. Go ahead and benefit from the perks of low cost shopping by taking maintain of these on line coupons today.

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How can 13 Year Olds Make Money Fast

03 Avr 2016 
The teenagers of this generation are really outgoing, talented and focused in their work. They do not like to accept defeat in their work and they work hard to achieve success. So, whether it is their educational performance or extra curricular activities, teenagers manage to find a way for success. Some teenagers also work part-time to fund their education. What the teenagers need is proper guidance and motivation which will give them the strength to excel in all walks of life.

How Can 13 Year Olds Earn Money?

Working in Restaurants

At the age of thirteen, you cannot expect someone to give you a job at the cash counter or as a waiter in a restaurant. However, you can surely work as a helper to the waiters and cashiers by doing small, yet important tasks for them. By doing such a job, teenage students will get practical exposure along with some quick money. This is certainly one of the best money making ideas for teens.

Article Writing

For those teens who have the expertise and also a flair for writing, article writing would be one of the fastest ways to make money. Website owners are constantly searching for quality talent in the field of creative writing who can deliver good and classy content for their readers. Depending on your performance, you can get paid on an hourly basis or on a per article basis. Ideally, these jobs can earn you $10 or more per hour.

Online Surveys

There are many companies who will actually pay you to fill brief surveys. The income potential for this job for teens could be between USD 40 to USD 75 per hour as per the view of market experts. However, before you accept any online job, you should take permission from your parents and verify whether these jobs are legitimate and legal in nature. Also check if there are any age restrictions for these jobs as many companies require online job seekers to be eighteen years old.

Taking Care of Pets

Taking care of pets of people is one of the fantastic money making ideas for thirteen year olds. However, teenagers wishing to do this job should have a love for different kinds of animals. It is possible to learn the techniques of taking care of pets by sufficient practice. Since many office going people have no time for pets, you can earn good amount of money by taking up this responsibility.

Singing and Music

Are you good at singing and music? If yes, then make the most of your talent by singing in musical concerts and shows as this can help you earn good money. Since singing is an art which always remains with a person, you can make use of it to be financially independent and for earning praise and respect in the society. If you know how to play a musical instrument, then it would be an added advantage for you.

Sales Job

Sales jobs, which involve door-to-door selling of the products of the company for which you work can also help thirteen-year olds earn some quick bucks. Teenagers can accompany senior sales executives at different locations and assist in the job. They can also expect attractive incentives and bonuses on performing better.

If you are good at arts such as painting, you can hold an exhibition of some of your finest work and earn money from the organizers of the exhibition. Other arts such as making greeting cards, sketching, etc., can help you make money to satisfy your basic needs. Though these suggestions are good enough, teenagers should not get carried away by money making and give equal importance to their education.

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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Launches ‘Moving’ Advertising Campaign, Announces Consumer Sweepstakes

03 Avr 2016 

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, part of the HSF Affiliates LLC family of real estate brokerage franchise networks, today launched a new national advertising campaign and consumer sweepstakes from the stage of its Sales Convention event at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.

The multi-media campaign, produced by BBDO Minneapolis, is called Moving and positions Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices as the smart, stable alliance in a world where everything is shifting. Through a series of vignettes, the TV spot demonstrates consumers ever-changing lives and how the brands agents are a grounding force in all the movement.

Our message captures lifes transitions and the sound guidance our agents provide in the decisions of homeownership, said Gino Blefari, CEO of HSF Affiliates. When the time comes to buy and sell homes, people need that reliable, stable alliance a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices sales professional.

The campaign casts a variety of people moving through the stages of life as they marry, buy first homes, raise families, entertain friends, move up, move down and move on. Moving shows that Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices will be with you at every step along lifes path, said Stephen Phillips, network president. As always, our agents are Good to Know and great to work with.

Advertisements launch today with 30- and 15-second spots airing on HGTV, one ofthetop networks with familiar programming such as Love it or List it, Fixer Upper, Rehab Addict, House Hunters and Property Brothers. The campaign will be supported on Scripps Network digital channels such asHGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel and Great American Country.

As part of the campaign, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices will sponsor HGTVs popular Love It or List It show featuring interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin. The shows hosts will appear in vignettes featuring Good to Know home design and renovation tips that will appear on HGTV and its digital properties.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices will also initiate the Love Your Home Sweepstakes promising a $50,000 grand prize or one of a dozen $2,500 weekly prizes. From March 28 through June 17, viewers simply register at the site for a chance to win. The grand prize winner will be announced in mid-summer.

This is Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices second consumer sweepstakes. Last years contest set one of HGTVs highest totals for consumer registrations. HGTV and the Scripps Network are incredibly popular among our target audiences and everyone loves Love It or List It, said Kerry Donovan, vice president of Marketing for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Were excited for what we believe will be another great campaign and consumer sweepstakes. With more prize winners comes more fun and consumer engagement with our brand.

About Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, based in Irvine, CA, is a real estate brokerage network built for a new era in residential real estate. The network, among the few organizations entrusted to use the world-renowned Berkshire Hathaway name, brings to the real estate market a definitive mark of trust, integrity, stability and longevity. Visit for details.

Irvine, CA-based HSF Affiliates LLC operates Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Prudential Real Estate and Real Living Real Estate franchise networks. The company is a joint venture of which HomeServices of America, Inc., the nations second-largest, full-service residential brokerage firm, is a majority owner. HomeServices of America is an affiliate of world-renowned Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Prudential, the Prudential logo and the Rock symbol are service marks of Prudential Financial, Inc. and its related entities, and are used under license with no other affiliation with Prudential.

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