Primer blog : Primer blog Tu primer blog Wed, 24 May 2017 00:16:24 GMT 10 Primer blog : Primer blog How to Get Discount Tickets and Coupons to Donley's Wild West Town Primer blog 2016-04-22T20:35:03Z Donley's Wild West Coupons for 2016<br><br>Fans of the old West will want to get discount tickets to visit Donleys Wild West town. Located in Union, Illinois, Donleys has a day full of fun for everyone in your group.<br><br>Your discount tickets take you back in time in United States history where life was very different. While visiting, you can:<br><br>Pan for Gold<br><br>Go on a pony ride<br><br>See Wild West Shows<br><br>Go on a train ride<br><br><img src="" width="273" /><br><br>Ride kiddie cars<br><br>Learn how to rope like a cowboy<br><br>Learn how to throw a tomahawk<br><br>Practice your archery<br><br>Paddle a canoe<br><br>Visit the petting zoo and the museum<br><br>There are several ways for you to get discount tickets to Donleys and avoid paying full price.<br><br>A Cowboy Hat for Kids<img src="" class="amazonBigImage"/>Kangaroo Brown Studded Cowboy Hat<br><br>Amazon Price: $19.99 $8.95 Buy Now<br><br>(price as of Jan 21, 2016)<br><br>This hat will have your child feel like part of the action. It will also protect his head from the sun!<br><br>Where Can I Find Donely's Wild West Coupons?<br><br>Season Pass<br><br>If your children are into the Old West, then buying aSeason Passwill be your best discount. If you purchase a Season Pass in the winter, you will receive bonuses, like free passes for two guests and a reduced price on the <a href=""><strong></strong></a> cost of the pass.<br><br>Printable Coupon from Chicago Fun Coupons<br><br>If you go to look for a printable coupon for one dollar off each admission. <br><br>Group Discounts Are Available<br><br>Group discounts are another option to getting tickets for less at Donleys. Reservations must be made in advance with a small deposit.<br><br>Senior citizen groups have a choice of three different discount packages, with the cheapest being ten dollars per person.<br><br>School groups of fifteen or more are eligible for dioscunt Donley tickets.<br><br>Summer fun packages are available to Scouts, Day Care centers and summer camps. There is a twenty person minimum for this group package.<br><br>Facebook<br><br>It is now common practice for businesses to reach out to customers via a Facebook fan page, and Donleys Wild West Town is no different. If you Like their page, you will be able to have the latest discounts and special events delivered directly to your news feed.<br><br>Previous discounts to Donleys available to Facebook fans have included:<br><br>A photo contest to win family season pass tickets<br><br>Free Grandparent Day downloadable coupon<br><br>Take a Train Ride Around the VenueSheriff Badge Fits the Theme<img src="" class="amazonBigImage"/>Schylling Law Man Badge<br><br>Amazon Price: $3.29 $2.44 Buy Now<br><br>(price as of Jan 21, 2016)<br><br>Have your child visit the venue wearing this authentic looking Sheriff's badge.<br><br>Sign Up for Emails<br><br>If you sign up to receivethe newsletterfrom Doney's, you will be sent emails with promotions, discounts and coupons directly to your inbox. You can then plan your visit around days when there are discounts available.<br><br><br><br> is a website devoted to finding places to go and things to do in the Chicago area with your children. They have contests to win free tickets. If you live in the area, you may want to check it out and enter to win when Donleys is open.<br><br>There are many opportunities to get discount tickets to Donleys Wild West Town. Find one that works for you and spend a day there for less.<br><br> Opera Browser Adds Free and Unlimited VPN Primer blog 2016-04-22T07:18:59Z Opera Browser Adds Free and Unlimited VPN - TorrentFreak<br><br><img src="/images/vpnon.png" alt="vpnon" width="250" height="181">Back in 2006 Opera was the first major browser to include BitTorrent support, and today it releases another feature that will appeal to millions of users.<br><br>The company has added a free and unlimited VPN to the developer version of its browser. This means that users can browse the web securely at the flick of a switch.<br><br>Privacy aside, the built-in VPN is also an ideal tool to circumvent website blockades. This may come in handy for the aforementioned BitTorrent users as well, as sites such as The Pirate Bay are blocked in many countries.<br><br>The VPN connection is provided by the Canadian VPN service SurfEasy, which like many other VPNs keeps no logs. SurfEasy was acquired by Opera last year and VP of Marketing Steve Kelly tells TorrentFreak that privacy and censorship were the main reasons to add the free VPN to Opera.<br><br>"Everyone deserves to <a href=""><strong></strong></a> surf privately online if they want to. Today, it is too difficult to maintain privacy when using the web, and way too many people experience roadblocks online, like blocked content," Kelly says.<br><br>"By releasing an integrated, free and unlimited VPN in the browser, we make it simple for people to enhance their privacy and access the content they want," he adds.<br><br>It is worth highlighting that the VPN connection is limited to the web browser. This means that any content shared outside the browser, through traditional torrent clients for example, is not private. <br><br>Opera's in-browser VPN uses AES-256 encryption and SurfEasy says that the initial response has been very strong. The network is prepared to handle hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections without any problems.<br><br><img src="" width="366" /><br><br>With the addition of a VPN feature Opera hopes to set a new standard for modern browsers. Earlier, it was already the first major browser to include an ad-blocker.<br><br>"This is the first VPN option integrated into a major browser. Also, it's delivered from a company you can trust, with an extensive history of providing reliable and trustworthy internet products," Kelly told us. <br><br>More details about the built-in VPN are available at the Opera blog. People who want to give it a spin should download the latest developer release, as the feature is not available in the regular version yet.<br><br>Opera's VPN feature<br><br> Where to Get Grocery Coupons Primer blog 2016-04-22T07:17:48Z Grocery shopping is one thing that tops our monthly to-do-list. Most people love this activity and cannot wait to hit the grocery store for the smallest of reasons. However, in today's hard economic times, it is extremely important to save money and cut corners in order to live a relatively decent life. The good thing being that, though the grocery is a primary expense, it can be controlled too, in order to save money. One of the <a href=""><strong></strong></a> best ways for serving this purpose is to search for grocery coupons. These are available online, in newspaper inserts, and sometimes, as discount coupons. Let's try to identify a few places from where you will be able to obtain them.<br><br>Sources<br><br>Printable grocery coupons are the newest rage amongst shoppers, as well as manufacturers these days. Free coupons have always been a great attraction for shoppers and now, with the availability of the former, it is even more exciting. One of their biggest advantages is that you can use them as soon as you go online, and print them, which is so much more convenient. Hence, printing them out is the best way to get the maximum savings while shopping for what you need.<br><br>Free Sign-up<br><br>&#13;The best thing to do is to sign up on various suitable online sites. Sign-up for free on these websites and get to know about the special free coupons that are available at various grocery stores. Once you are informed about these offers, all you need to do is to print them and avail the discounts. The only thing that might hold you back from signing into these websites are the additional offers that keep on appearing in bulk. Well, there is a simple solution to this problem, as well; you just need to uncheck the box for additional offers and you will be spared of all such mails.<br><br>Shopper's Card<br><br>&#13;Some grocery stores also offer various schemes and discount offers, once you cross a certain amount of shopping. If you shop beyond that sum, you get a shopper's card. This card gets activated only after you fill up a small form with your contact number and/or email address. Once you do that, the stores keep on sending you text messages or emails about all the free sales offers on a regular basis for saving money on groceries. If they find that you are utilizing most of their offers, you get special considerations and additional discounts, whenever you shop from them.<br><br><img src="" width="257" /><br><br>Communicate<br><br>&#13;Communication is the best way to save money on groceries. For instance, you can contact shop associates in person or by email, and request them to let you know about the ways that you can receive notifications regarding discounts and offers. Some websites also offer no-registration coupons to print. Such a facility is a great option for people who want to escape the hassle of first registering themselves.<br><br>Food coupons are pretty hard to come by, in comparison to grocery items like soaps, toiletry, juices, and other household products. Hence, you need to grab the opportunity as soon as it comes your way. Thus, all in all, it is certain that shopping will be quite a pleasant experience for you, provided that you use this facility to its full capacity.<br><br> ‘Knock Knock’ Star Ana de Armas Joins ‘Blade Runner 2’ Cast Primer blog 2016-04-22T07:08:01Z Here's a part of the press release sent out:<br><br>De Armas is a new addition to the list of reasons why maybe we shouldn't be so skeptical about the sci-fi sequel. On Blade Runner 2, the actress will work with plenty of talent that generally evoke promise, including Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, and best of all, legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins, a now frequent collaborator of Villeneuve's. The Prisoners and Enemy director will begin shooting the sequel, which is set decades after Ridley Scott's original 1982 film, this July.<br><br>LOS ANGELES, CA, APRIL 21, 2016 - Ana de Armas will join Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Robin Wright and Dave Bautista in a leading role in Alcon Entertainment's sequel to Ridley Scott's 1982 masterpiece BLADE RUNNER, it was announced by Alcon co-founders and co-CEO's Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson.<br><br>Blade Runner 2 Adds Knock Knock's Ana de Armas<br><br><img src="" height="51" width="51" alt=""><br><br>'Knock Knock' Star Ana de Armas Joins 'Blade Runner 2' Cast<br><br>Posted on Thursday, April 21st, 2016 by Jack Giroux<br><br><img src="" alt="Blade Runner 2 Ana de Armas" data-recalc-dims="1"><br><br>Blade Runner 2 opens in theaters October 6th, 2017.<br><br>Cool Posts From Around the Web:ZergNet<br><br><img src="" height="21" width="35" alt="">Comment Now! <br><br><object width="400" height="241"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="400" height="241"></embed></object><br><br><img style="float:left;margin:10px;border:none;" src="" width="262" /><br><br>This is a potentially big year for de Armas. While the two Keanu Reeves films she just starred in, Knock Knock and Exposed, didn't find much of an audience -- the latter of those movies was just flat-out butchered and dumped into theaters -- she proved to be an actress with plenty of range in both films. She couldn't have delivered two more dissimilar performances, and yet both were equally compelling.<br><br>Earlier this week, Blade Runner 2 had <a href=""><strong></strong></a> its release date moved up from January 12th, 2018 to October 6th 2017, but that's not the only good news today for anyone looking forward to director Denis Villeneuve's (Sicario) sequel. Ana de Armas, a very promising actress you might recognize from <a href=""><strong>candy crush saga hack</strong></a> Knock Knock, has just joined the Blade Runner 2 cast.<br><br>Cuban born Ana de Armas began her career in Spanish language film and television in Cuba, then later Spain. She will be seen in two major motion pictures releasing this August, including The Weinstein Company's boxing biopic Hands of Stone, in which she appears alongside Robert De Niro and Edgar Ramirez, and Warner Bros.' comedic drama War Dogs starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller.<br><br>ANA DE ARMAS JOINS 'BLADE RUNNER' SEQUEL IN LEADING ROLE<br><br>States Johnson and Kosove: "We think Ana is one of the most exciting, up-and-coming international actors in the world today, and we are thrilled she will be playing such an important part in this sequel."<br><br>Learn more about the sequel and de Armas below.<br><br>This summer, she's starring in both War Dogs and The Hands of Stone, movies that look intriguing enough to potentially be big hits this summer. Before either film opens in theaters, though, she's already secured another leading role with Blade Runner 2. Her character in Blade Runner 2 is, of course, currently under wraps, but the press releases describes it as a "leading role." How to profit from property; Can you still make money from property development in the current climate? Karen Wilson gets some tips for budding Sarah Beeneys. Primer blog 2016-04-21T07:30:08Z JAMES Chapple was just 22 when he got the property developing bug.With a pounds 8,500 deposit saved from his job as a travel guide hebought his first home - a three-bed terrace in London. "I did allthe work myself ," says James, 36 who now lives in Alnmouth withwife Elly and two children Ella and Reuben.<br><br>"It took me two years but I made a good profit and thought I&#13;could do a few more of these!" Although he made lots of mistakes at&#13;the beginning, 45 developments later, James now knows all the pitfalls&#13;and can work out in minute detail a contingency plan for every&#13;eventuality. His advice, whether you're planning a property&#13;development or simply want to maximise your home's sale appeal, is&#13;invaluable. "I'm not convinced the market's&#13;depressed," says James. "If a house is in the right location&#13;at the right price, people will buy it. I've yet to be proven wrong&#13;by that."&#13;&#13;<br><br><img src="" width="368" /><br><br>James has just finished his latest project - a luxury four-bedroom&#13;house in High Buston, near Alnmouth, created from a "knackered old&#13;barn" and one of the adjoining cottages which he bought in December&#13;2009.&#13;&#13;<br><br>Part conversion and part newbuild, it's now a beautiful&#13;light-filled space with well proportioned rooms.&#13;&#13;<br><br>A second one-bedroom cottage has been extended to create a separate&#13;two-bedroom home next door.&#13;&#13;<br><br>Forward planning was key to the success of the project. Before&#13;he'd even viewed the property James had done his research and knew&#13;exactly the kind of couple who might buy it, what the finished sale&#13;price might be and even how much rent they could get as a holiday let if&#13;it didn't sell.&#13;&#13;<br><br>"I knew it was coming on the market so I was the first personto view it," says James. "I had a letter from the bank andevidence my funds were in place so I could agree to buy it thatday."<br><br>Before the sale went through, James approached the planning&#13;department who suggested a few amendments. He also sent his plans round&#13;the village, changing a window at the request of one neighbour.&#13;&#13;<br><br>"We didn't do anything too daring to ensure we would get&#13;planning permission," explains James.&#13;&#13;<br><br>However as they had to exchange contracts in "a ridiculously&#13;short space of time" and securing full planning permission would&#13;take months, James had to rely on the positive indications he'd&#13;already had from the council.&#13;&#13;<br><br>"We wouldn't have got finance without the planning&#13;permission in place, so we had to buy it up front for cash," he&#13;explains.&#13;&#13;<br><br>As with any building project, there were hiccups along the way but&#13;"all of these were knowns" according to James.&#13;&#13;<br><br>"You have to anticipate every possible problem," explains&#13;James. "For instance it was a tricky sloping site so we had to&#13;excavate more rock than we thought. We also had to underpin the&#13;foundations of the property next door and factor in extra money when&#13;installing the sewerage treatment plant."&#13;&#13;<br><br>The main surprise was the six months it took to get the pounds&#13;20,000 covenant lifted as the land was owned by the Duke of&#13;Northumberland.&#13;&#13;<br><br>"It was a very high fee but I knew before I bought it,"&#13;says James. "We couldn't start work without it."&#13;&#13;<br><br>In the end James went over budget by 10%, choosing to upgrade his&#13;spec as the property market changed.&#13;&#13;<br><br>At every step of the way, he had his target buyers in mind - a&#13;second home owner, retired couple or a family with older children.&#13;"It couldn't be too minimalist but not too olde worlde either," he says. "We needed to factor in comfort so&#13;there's underfloor heating, hardwearing finishes and a wood burning&#13;stove."&#13;&#13;<br><br>The kitchen/diner was a key room with quality cream units from&#13;Callerton Kitchens and folding sliding patio doors that open right up to&#13;make the terrace feel like part of the house. In the bathrooms James&#13;chose high use fittings from Porcelanosa because "it's a&#13;luxurious brand that people recognise" and tiles from both&#13;Porcelanosa and Classic Tiles of Newcastle. All the bedrooms have fitted&#13;storage too.&#13;&#13;<br><br>When it comes to staging the property for sale James believesit's all about creating a lifestyle. He's used some of his ownfurniture to keep costs down as well as items from previous developmentsto dress the rooms. "There's a little bit of beg, borrow andsteal," he admits.<br><br>"But don't overdo it. You only need a few key&#13;pieces."&#13;&#13;<br><br>Upstairs James has only dressed the master bedroom, which has a&#13;dressing room and en suite, opting for a bespoke headboard to add wow to&#13;an ordinary double bed.&#13;&#13;<br><br>Next on the horizon, once the neighbouring cottage is finished, is&#13;to convert a large house into flats in Alnmouth. But James also has an&#13;exciting new project up his sleeve as part of his strategy to diversify&#13;his portfolio - a new concept called 'galleried living', that&#13;he hopes will bring executive rental apartments with double height&#13;ceilings to Gateshead.&#13;&#13;<br><br>Seafields House, High Buston, Northumberland is for sale through&#13;Rook Matthews Sayer at pounds 540,000, tel 01665 510044.&#13;&#13;<br><br>CAPTION(S):&#13;&#13;<br><br>QUALITY James Chapple relaxes in the lounge at Seafield House.&#13;TOUCH OF CLASS The contemporary kitchen/diner at Seafield House. STYLE&#13;The courtyard leading into the kitchen. Right, one of the bedrooms. HOME&#13;James Chapple in the kitchen of his latest development, the luxury&#13;four-bedroom house at High Buston, near Alnmouth.&#13;&#13;<br><br> How to Make Money Online As a Teenage Primer blog 2016-04-21T07:26:50Z Online Writing For Teens<br><br>We have all seen ads down the side of web pages which say, Google pays me $5,000 a day,or something similar. Don't get fooled into thinking that money is easy to come by on the internet, it isn't. That isn't to say you can't earn it on the internet because you can. Normally those who are, have been working long hours (13 a day) and have been doing so for several years.<br><br>Do not ever be conned in to spending money for a get rich quick scheme on the internet. They don't work. If anyone suggests you parting with money, don't join and don't ever pay.<br><br>Writing online is free.<br><br>If you choose to start a blog it should be about a topic people want to read about. Then you need to diligently make posts. You also have to interact with other users. That is the whole idea of social media.<br><br>Upload Videos<br><br>Have you seen some of the popular videos made by teens? Some of these have gone viral. If you are unsure what to make a video about, have a brainstorming session with friends and family. What have you learned how to do that others would benefit from?<br><br>Many people, myself included, have watched helpful videos such as how to use Gimp or other art programs. Do you possess a ninja-like skill at certain games which you could show? Maybe you speak another language, or perhaps you sing and dance. Instructional videos are a wonderful way to generate income because everyday someone, somewhere in the world wants to know how to do what you can teach.<br><br>When you post a video, YouTube may put an ad below or near it, this is how you will earn money from it.<br><br><img src="" width="370" /><br><br>Two programs which will help you do this are Audacity and Windows Movie Maker. Audacity is free to download and if you are using a Windows operating system you should have Windows Movie Maker already installed.<br><br>Don't ever do anything which will put you, your friends or family or property in danger. I know we have all seen some videos showing the misfortunes of people. Raise the bar and make something useful.<br><br> E-Commerce & How to Make Money Online Articles Primer blog 2016-04-20T10:56:07Z <img src="" width="290" /><br><br>The growth of the Internet and broadband connectivity has spawned a new business model: online retailing or e-commerce. Using easily available software or templates, anyone with courage and bit of time can build a simple e-commerce web site and begin to earn money online. Growing that business into something truly rewarding will take you into the realm of site security, digital certificates, server farms, website quality assurance, redundant networks, checking for broken links, monitoring for spammers and hackers just to keep the site up and reliable. Along the way software vendors, hosting service providers, payment gateway services, order fulfillment services, security certificate services, e-commerce consultants, SEO marketing advisers and affiliate marketing providers will offer services and products to help optimize and grow that business. You will become familiar with affiliate marketing programs, SEO optimizing, blogs, outsourcing and drop-shipments. E-commerce and online retailing provide the opportunity for making money online, but there is often a steep learning curve. Benefit from the advice from these Hubbers who are doing it, so you can belong to the community of online businesses.<br><br> Receives $15 Million Second Round Investment From Leading Media and Venture Firms. Primer blog 2016-04-20T10:53:38Z SAN FRANCISCO, April 18 /PRNewswire/ --<br><br> (, an e-marketing company&#13;transforming brand promotion for the Internet age, today announced it&#13;has secured $15 million in second round financing. CondeNet, a wholly&#13;owned subsidiary of media giant Advance Publications, and Hollinger&#13;International, Inc., a leading global newspaper publisher, led the&#13;round, which also included GE Investments, TechSpace Xchange, Roccia&#13;Ventures, Starwood International and individual investor Bob Lessin,&#13;chairman and co-CEO of Wit Capital Group, Inc. Sarah Chubb, director of&#13;CondeNet, will also join the company's board of directors.&#13;&#13;<br><br>"This powerhouse group of investors validates what we have&#13;already learned from our national brand partners --;creates a win-win situation for both marketers and consumers," said&#13;Jeff Malkin, founder and CEO of "In the next six&#13;months, we plan to work with a number of companies to help them&#13;turbocharge both their online and offline marketing and sampling&#13;activities to obtain greater customer loyalty and brand&#13;recognition."&#13;&#13;<br><br>" has developed a unique and powerful approach&#13;to market research that is important to any company enhancing a brand&#13;marketing campaign," said Sarah Chubb, director of CondeNet, a&#13;subsidiary of Advance Publications. "We believe that&#13; has built the ideal management team to turn this&#13;approach into a valuable company."&#13;&#13;<br><br> is re-inventing Internet and brand marketing toenable powerful targeted promotional campaigns to consumers via the Web.By outsourcing sampling activities to, marketers receivevaluable, actionable data on consumer preferences and segmenteddemographics to help them promote with dynamically targeted is partnering with brand leaders in a number ofcategories including consumer package goods, health and beauty products,office supplies, pet supplies, entertainment services, pharmaceuticalsand digital content.<br><br>Bob Lessin, chairman and co-CEO of Wit Capital Group, Inc.,&#13;commented, " is providing leading national brands&#13;with the opportunity to combine tried-and-true promotional activities&#13;with the power and real-time nature of one-to-one Web marketing. They&#13;are helping marketers focus their marketing dollars on those consumers&#13;most likely to become brand-loyal customers."&#13;&#13;<br><br>About;&#13;<br><br>, Inc. ( is a one-to-one online&#13;targeted marketing solution, offering a new way to try before you&#13;buy(SM). The company enables brand marketers to efficiently and&#13;cost-effectively reach new consumers and convert these FreeSamplers into&#13;brand loyal customers. Founded in March 1999,, based in&#13;San Francisco, is a privately held company with funding from CondeNet,&#13;TechSpace Xchange, GE Investments, Hollinger International, Inc.,&#13;Starwood <a href=""><strong>download game android</strong></a> Capital and Bob Lessin, chairman and co-CEO of Wit Capital&#13;Group, Inc.&#13;&#13;<br><br>About CondeNet&#13;&#13;<br><br><img src="" width="390" /><br><br>CondeNet, based in New York, is the leading creator and developer&#13;of upscale lifestyle brands online, providing enjoyable, useful services&#13;that tie into and build upon the heritage of the world's most&#13;prestigious magazines. Today, CondeNet owns the deepest online brands in&#13;the vertical categories of food (, travel&#13;(, relationships (, fitness&#13;( and fashion ( CondeNet is owned by Advance&#13;Publications, Inc., a privately held media company.&#13;&#13;<br><br> Food :: Canned Mackerel - a Healthy Food Choice? Primer blog 2016-04-20T09:10:42Z Mackerel can be canned in water, salt water, tomato sauce, olive oil and other vegetable oils. Of course, fresh fish taste much better when compared with canned fish. <br><br>As lean fish protein source, many people prefer mackerel canned in salt water, while mackerel canned in various oils or tomato sauce they generally avoid. Mackerel canned in olive oil taste much better than mackerel canned in salt water, but it is also much more caloric - single tablespoon of olive oil has around 15g - 135 kcal. To reduce amounts of fats in such canned mackerel, many people put canned fish in strainer and wash it using plenty of fresh lemon juice. On the other hand, those who are worried about sodium levels should choose mackerel canned in plain water - it can be almost tasteless - just taste of fish, but those cans contain nothing but the fish meat and plain water.<br><br>Content of mercury in canned mackerel is relatively low, especially when compared with mercury levels of large predatory species like tuna or marlin. Some mackerel species, like king mackerel can have moderate levels of cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals and pollutants. <br><br>For example, FDA's (Food and Drug Administration) reports from 1990-2010, state that levels of mercury in swordfish:<br><br>- 0.995 PPM (parts per million) on average<br><br>- 3.220 PPM maximum<br><br>This is statistics for 636 samples.<br><br>Statistics for mercury in King mackerel:<br><br>- 0.730 PPM on average<br><br>- 1.670 PPM maximum<br><br>This is statistics for 213 samples.<br><br>Levels of mercury in Atlantic mackerel:<br><br>- 0.050 PPM on average<br><br>- 0.160 PPM maximum<br><br>This is statistics for 80 samples.<br><br>According to NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) and FDA, children, pregnant woman and those women trying to get pregnant should eat no more than:<br><br>- King mackerel - generally this kind of mackerel should be avoided,<br><br>- Mackerel (Spanish, Gulf) - consume no more than three 180g (6 oz.) servings per month,<br><br>- Mackerel (North Atlantic) - consume no more than two 180g (6 oz.) servings per week.<br><br>Other people can safely follow these recommendations - after all, what is safe for children and pregnant women, it is also safe for others. Mackerel from much cleaner seas (some parts of Mediterranean, for example) can be eaten more often - it is very important to read the labels and follow the recommendation guidelines regarding mercury levels in the fish.<br><br>Various canned mackerel recipes enable every person to enjoy this type of food avoiding boredom. Generally, when planning such meals, one should try to consume some healthy fiber source (leafy or green vegetables, salads, whole grain bread etc.) with canned mackerel - such foods are very voluminous when compared to usable calories that body can digest. Also, they are very low on simple carbs and rich in complex carbs and digestive fibers - they are digested slowly and such meals supply the body with more or less constant flow of macronutrients avoiding strong rise of blood sugar and insulin spikes.<br><br><img src="" width="370" /><br><br>If you are hard gainer and you want to gain weight, preferably muscles, then add some source of simpler carbs like potato salad, sweet potato, brown rice etc. to increase daily amount of calories - according to your dieting plan. Such meals provide more calories and are easier and faster to digest. <br><br>Although exact nutritional values depend on mackerel specie, fishing grounds, seasons etc., canned mackerel is great source of fish protein, fat soluble vitamins (like vitamin D), minerals and healthy fats and it should be part of healthy diet of anybody wanting to become and stay fit. Just be careful about what mackerel specie you are consuming ...<br><br>&#13;<br><br> - How Meth Took Hold on Indian Reservation - Local News | News Articles | National News Primer blog 2016-04-20T09:08:20Z - How Meth Took Hold on Indian Reservation - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News <br><br>Sunday, April 29, 2007<br><br>By ANGIE WAGNER, AP National Writer <br><br>WIND RIVER INDIAN RESERVATION, Wyo.<br><br>Just off the deserted highways, the silver pickup truck eases down quiet streets, its driver offering a numbing tour of a remote reservation framed by the beauty of snowcapped mountains.<br><br>There, Leon Tillman says, over there _ the house on the right, a white, two-story building set off by itself. It used to be a big drug house. Now it's shuttered, its owners in prison.<br><br>A man dressed in an army green shirt and pants appears on the side of the road, his thumb up, looking for a ride. "That's a meth head," Tillman says. "He's bumming right now."<br><br>A few more drug houses and Tillman's tour of the despair of methamphetamine ends.<br><br>Not long ago, most people here had never even heard of meth. But today, most know someone on meth or in prison because of it. Tillman, 39, knows too many to count.<br><br>"It's everywhere," he said.<br><br>Indeed, American Indians have been especially hard hit by meth. Drug cartels have targeted Indian Country because the people are vulnerable, and law enforcement struggles to keep up.<br><br>But the story of how meth came to this remote reservation is really quite remarkable.<br><br>Like a cancer, a Mexican drug gang permeated the reservation and its families. It left behind a landscape strewn with broken lives.<br><br>___<br><br>Some 12,000 Indians _ members of the Northern Arapaho and the Eastern Shoshone tribes _ live on 2.2 million acres, an area so vast many homes are separated by miles of barren land.<br><br>Poverty and unemployment are high, alcoholism is rampant and the police department is so understaffed _ patrolling such a large area _ that the average response time is 15 to 20 minutes.<br><br>Jesus Martin Sagaste-Cruz knew that. And he knew the reservation's isolation would be perfect for his business.<br><br>Authorities learned of the Sagaste-Cruz drug ring back in 1997. Sagaste-Cruz and his Mexican gang had already been selling around Indian reservations in South Dakota and Nebraska.<br><br>But it was an article in The Denver Post that changed the way they did business. The story talked about how a Nebraska liquor store near the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota did millions of dollars in business. Sales were especially high immediately after Indians received their per capita checks _ their share of their tribe's income.<br><br>Sagaste-Cruz figured if there were already so many Indians addicted to alcohol, it would be easy enough to addict them to methamphetamine.<br><br>So around 2000, the Mexicans moved in and near Wind River Reservation.<br><br><img src="" width="350" /><br><br>"They came to a place where people don't have anything," said Frances Monroe, who works in the Northern Arapaho Child Protection Services office.<br><br>They started with free meth samples. The men pursued Indian women, providing them with meth even as they romanced them and fathered their children. Eventually, the women needed to support their habit, so they became dealers, too _ and they used free samples to recruit new customers.<br><br>It was all part of the plan.<br><br>For the next four years, the gang sold pounds and pounds of meth, much of it 98 percent pure. The drugs came from Mexico, then on to Los Angeles; Ogden, Utah (where Sagaste-Cruz lived); and finally Wyoming, where gang members had a handful of local distributors, each with their own customer base.<br><br>Customers became dealers and recruiters, and their customers did the same.<br><br>Before, meth was barely mentioned on the reservation. Police reported only sporadic arrests.<br><br>But now the reservation was saturated with it. Crime soared. From 2003 to 2006, cases of child neglect increased 131 percent. Drug possession was up 163 percent; spousal abuse rose 218 percent.<br><br>The Wind River reservation is not alone. The Bureau of Indian Affairs found that methamphetamine was listed as the greatest threat to Indian communities by police departments.<br><br>Mexican drug cartels take advantage of the often complicated law <a href=""><strong></strong></a> enforcement jurisdictions in Indian Country. Isolated communities are hit the hardest, and sometimes even tribal leaders are not immune, said Heather Dawn Thompson, director of government affairs for the National Congress of American Indians.<br><br>Here on the Wind River, a tribal judge, Lynda Munnell-Noah, was arrested in a 2005 drug ring bust and accused of trying to assault and murder a Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement officer.<br><br>Resources are few, and most reservations don't have treatment centers. Between 2000 and 2005, the number of methamphetamine contacts in Indian Health Services facilities increased by almost 250 percent.<br><br>"Even if we arrest people for use or sale, there's almost nothing to do with them in order to help them recover," Thompson said. "Where do you go and how do you pay for it?"<br><br>In his 2008 budget, President Bush proposed a $16 million increase in law enforcement funding in Indian Country to help combat methamphetamine, a godsend to police departments like Wind River's, which has only 10 police officers.<br><br>"The heartbreaking part of it is, it's had this absolutely devastating effect on our community," Thompson said. "I have tribal leaders coming to my office all the time just crying. I mean, how do you fight this? How do you function as a government when 30 percent of your tribal employees are now using meth?"<br><br>___<br><br>Inside a tribal office, a bulletin board displays meth's effects: In a series of mug shots, a woman deteriorates _ her teeth rotting, her skin collecting scabs. A nearby poster warns that making, selling or using meth around a child will mean prison time.<br><br>This is a place where people mostly keep to themselves. They know meth is a huge problem, but they don't want to talk much about it. They fear retaliation.<br><br>A jury found that the Sagaste-Cruz ring had distributed more than 99 pounds of meth _ an amount that had a street value of between $4.5 to $6.8 million, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. The gang also sold meth on the Rosebud, Pine Ridge and Yankton reservations in South Dakota and Santee Sioux reservation in Nebraska, authorities found.<br><br>Sagaste-Cruz and 22 other people were given prison time _ a life sentence, in Sagaste-Cruz' case. His brother, Julio Caesar Sagaste-Cruz, remains a fugitive.<br><br>Ask people on the reservation about the Sagaste-Cruz case and most don't know much about it. They seem surprised to learn how sophisticated the operation was.<br><br>But mention the Goodman case, and everyone knows. The Goodmans were an entire family, grandparents down to grandchildren, who were dealing meth and prescription drugs here.<br><br>Nineteen people, including the tribal judge, were arrested in 2005.<br><br>The two cases weren't directly related, but with many Indians already hooked on meth compliments of the Sagaste-Cruz gang, the Goodmans didn't have any trouble finding customers. Assistant U.S. Attorney Kelly Rankin said the Goodmans often had 20 to 50 customers a day come to their house.<br><br>Darrell LoneBear Sr., whose sister, Donna Goodman, and her husband, John Goodman, were the ring's leaders, said his relatives fell victim to easy money on a reservation where jobs are hard to find.<br><br>He rattles off his family's prison sentences: "John Goodman, 21 years. My sister Donna, 24 years. My nephew James got 19 years. My nephew Darrell got 8.<br><br>"It was all of my family," he said.<br><br>Thirteen children were sent to live with other relatives. One sister took in six children, another took in three.<br><br>"It is a tremendous, added responsibility emotionally and financially," said LoneBear, crime prevention and safety supervisor for the Northern Arapaho Tribal Housing. "All of us have been traumatized by this matter. We all still stay here."<br><br>Police Chief Doug Noseep has a police force that can't possibly keep up with every call. He is grateful for the help from outside law enforcement agencies in the raids over the past few years, and believes it has reduced the amount of meth here.<br><br>Noseep knows who is trying to get help, who is still using. Once, his officers encountered a 12-year-old girl who was addicted.<br><br>"It's sad as hell," he said. "It's here and it's not going to go anywhere. It's never going to go away."<br><br>___<br><br>Seven years after the Sagaste-Cruz gang arrived, meth rolls on: Last summer, another bust at Wind River resulted in 43 arrests, the largest drug bust in the history of Wyoming.<br><br>On a recent night, Partners Against Meth met at a local school. The group struggles to attract volunteers and to keep committees on track. But here families that have been struck hard by the meth epidemic, and those that want to learn more about it, can come together to talk.<br><br>Leon Tillman brought his wife, son and daughter. He told the group he has six relatives in prison for meth or alcohol charges. "That's one of my worst fears, is to have one of my kids on drugs. I want to at least say I tried," he said.<br><br>A few years ago, John Washakie noticed his daughter, now 27, was losing weight and locking herself in her bedroom at her house. Then, one night, she dropped off her three young children at his house and disappeared into the darkness.<br><br>He cared for the kids for three years. It wasn't easy. "They lose all their energy about life. You spend a lot of time dealing with their emotions," he said.<br><br>Today, his daughter is clean, and cares for her children, now numbering five, herself.<br><br>"I think there are a lot of people that are scared to tell you the truth," the grandfather said. "You don't walk away from this."<br><br>Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.<br><br> More than a dozen new Price Chopper digital store coupons Primer blog 2016-04-20T00:22:48Z If youre a Price Chopper/Market 32/Market Bistro shopper, be sure to load these digital store coupons to your AdvantEdge Card. 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It really helps to move the swap along if folks are not waiting for you to go through your coupons and cut them out at the table.<br><br>* You don't need to sort them by product type unless you really want to<br><br>* The group usually sits in a circle and passes around the envelopes to the person to the right. Take the coupons you want out and put the rest back in to pass on to the next person.<br><br>* Once you get your envelope back, you know you have been through all the coupons.<br><br>* In really large groups, couponers often sit in groups of 5 to 8 people to swap<br><br>If you are hosting a swap and wish to include the information here, please post the following details:<br><br>* Date of swap<br><br>* Time of swap<br><br>* Location of swap including address<br><br>* Host contact info to RSVP or ask questions. An e-mail address is fine - I don't suggest including your phone number on a public board. You may want to create a new free e-mail just for swapping from somewhere like Yahoo or Gmail.<br><br>If your swap is less than a week away and you would like it to appear on this swap post, please send me an e-mail to with the information to make sure I see it in time to post your swap. Thanks!<br><br> Kim Kardashian to divorce from Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage Primer blog 2016-04-19T22:38:12Z Kim releases statement and insists 'we still remain friends'Kris 'only found out Kim was filing for divorce a few hours ago'He is 'devastated' and wants to fight to save marriage<br><br>Couple made a reported $18m from August weddingReality star tweets to plug new business ventureKim's sisters Kourtney and Khloe rush to show their support on TwitterE! could pull re-runs of Kim &amp; Kris's Fairytale wedding<br><br>ByChris Johnson for MailOnline<br><br>Updated: 03:22 EST, 1 November 2011<br><br>Kim Kardashian has spoken out in the wake of the bombshell news she is divorcing Kris Humphries, insisting she had hoped the marriage would 'last forever'.<br><br>The 31-year-old reality star said it was 'not an easy decision' after filing for divorce from NBA star Kris, 26, after just 72 days of marriage on the grounds of 'irreconcilable differences'.<br><br>In a statement to E! - which screens her TV show - Kim said: 'After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage. I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. <br><br>'I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don't work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best.' <br><br>Kris, meanwhile, says he is devastated by Kim's decision, with TMZ claiming he only learnt she was divorcing him this morning.<br><br>'I'm committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents,' he said in a statement via his representative.<br><br>Scroll down to see a list of the shortest celebrity marriages...<br><br><img src="" height="882" width="634" alt="It's over: Kim is filing for divorce from husband Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage" class="blkBorder" />It's over: Kim Kardashian is reported to be filing for divorce from husband Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage<br><br><img src="" height="723" width="634" alt="We're done: Court documents filed today show Kim has filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences" class="blkBorder" />We're done: Court documents filed today show Kim has filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences<br><br>'I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce ... I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.' <br><br>Earlier this morning Ryan Seacrest, the producer of her reality show, tweeted: 'Yes @KimKardashian is filing for divorce this morning. I touched base with her, getting a statement in just a few mins.' <br><br>Kim ensured they both signed a prenuptial agreement before they got hitched at a lavish ceremony on August 20 in Montecito, California.<br><br>It netted the couple a reported $18m from magazine deals, TV coverage and endorsements - that's $250,000 every day. <br><br><img src="" height="644" width="634" alt="Hours before the big news: Kim with sisters Khloe, left, and Kourtney, right, last night on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage to film an anti-bullying segment for Extreme Makeover" class="blkBorder" />Hours before the big news: Kim with sisters Khloe, left, and Kourtney, right, last night on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage to film an anti-bullying segment for Extreme Makeover<br><br>News of their divorce will no doubt add fuel to the fire that the wedding was merely a cynical manoeuvre to cash in at a time when Kim's star had reached its zenith.<br><br>Today Kim took to Twitter, but rather than mentioning anything about her marital breakdown cynically plugged her new boutique Kardashian Khaos, which opens tomorrow at The Mirage hotel in Las Vegas.<br><br>Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian also took to her Twitter account to defend her elder sister against negative comments. <br><br>'Reading some of these comments r so hurtful,' she wrote. 'I'm grateful 4our fans who understand &amp; r being respectful. Hate is disgusting. Love is everything.'<br><br>She then added on a later tweet: 'Thank God for family. We are strong and we will only become closer! I love YOU.'<br><br><img src="" height="583" width="634" alt="Tweet response: Kim's younger sister Khloe took to Twitter to tweet against the fans who have written 'hurtful' comments about the split" class="blkBorder" />Tweet response: Kim's younger sister Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter to tweet against the fans who have written 'hurtful' comments about the split<br><br><img src="" height="412" width="634" alt="Family united: Kourtney Kardashian tweeted her support for Kim saying that the family are 'sticking together' as always" class="blkBorder" />Family united: Kourtney Kardashian tweeted her support for Kim saying that the family are 'sticking together' as always <br><br>Kourtney Kardashian also rushed to Twitter to voice her support for her sister. <br><br>'Our sister is going through a difficult time but we're a close family and are sticking together as always,' she wrote. <br><br>'We appreciate everyone's kindness and support. @kim kardashian, we love you.'<br><br>Insiders have revealed the entire wedding was a sham.<br><br>'It was pretty much an arranged marriage right from the start,' one source, close to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians production told <br><br>'Kim was looking for a husband and Kris was selected for her, amongst others. She wasnt really into him but she hoped she would be able to develop some feelings, but it never happened.'<br><br>The date of Kim and Kris's separation is listed as today (October 31), divorce papers logged with the Superior Court of California show.<br><br><img src="" height="400" width="634" alt="Ryan Seacrest, the producer of her E! reality show, just tweeted: 'Yes @KimKardashian is filing for divorce this morning. I touched base with her, getting a statement in just a few mins.'" class="blkBorder" /><br><br>'It's true': Ryan Seacrest, the producer of her E! reality show, just tweeted: 'Yes @KimKardashian is filing for divorce this morning. I touched base with her, getting a statement in just a few mins'<br><br>She has hired top divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who has dealt with the likes of Britney Spears, Maria Shriver, Angelina Jolie and Ryan Reynolds.<br><br>According to Us Weekly, the couple's assets will be divided in accordance with their prenuptial agreement.<br><br>Kim's assets prior to the marriage are said to all be protected, and she will also keep everything she earned during their short union. <br><br>Television network E! - which screens the Kardashian reality show - released a statement about the divorce.<br><br><img src="" height="916" width="634" alt="Trouble in paradise: Kim pictured with Humphries on October 19 in New York. MailOnline reported around the time this picture was taken how the couple's marriage was in crisis" class="blkBorder" />Trouble in paradise: Kim pictured with Humphries on October 19 in New York. MailOnline reported around the time this picture was taken how the couple's marriage was in crisis<br><br><img src="" height="357" width="634" alt="Coming to blows: The couple were pictured in their car having what appeared to be a heated row" class="blkBorder" />Coming to blows: The couple were pictured in their car having what appeared to be a heated row<br><br><img src="" height="357" width="634" alt="Storming off: Kris is then seen exiting the motor and leaving before leaving in a separate car" class="blkBorder" />Storming off: Kris is then seen exiting the motor and leaving before leaving in a separate car<br><br>It read: 'All of us at E! are surprised and saddened by this news, and we send our support to Kim and Kris at this difficult time. <br><br>'The Kardashians have always been uniquely open with all aspects of their lives from joyous events to intimate moments to heartbreaking transitions. <br><br>'E! will continue to share the fascinating real lives and larger-than-life existence of this close-knit family.'<br><br>However, an insider told the New York post that producers are considering whether to stop showing re-runs of Kim's Fairytale Wedding, which was first broadcast in two parts from October 9.<br><br>Executives fear the illusion of the fairytale has now been shattered and, therefore, it could ultimately damage the Kardashian brand to keep showing it.<br><br><img src="" height="301" width="634" alt="Business usual: Kim tweeted today - not about her marriage breakdown, but about her excitement about the opening of her new boutique store in Las Vegas, Kardashian Khaos" class="blkBorder" />Business usual: Kim tweeted today - not about her marriage breakdown, but about her excitement about the opening of her new boutique store in Las Vegas, Kardashian Khaos<br><br>Business as usual: Kim had various assistant showing up at her Calabasas home in Los Angeles today, with one seen carrying paperwork while another was carrying exercise equipment<br><br>Support from friends and family: Bruce Jenner was seen arriving at Kim's house while her friend Brittny Gastineau said the news of the break up was 'very sad' as she appeared on Extra TV at the Grove<br><br>MailOnline reported earlier this month how Kim and Kris's marriage had hit the rocks.<br><br>A source close to the couple told us just two weeks ago: 'I dont know when theyll announce the split or why they got married in the first place but they are done.<br><br>'They are divorcing. Kim has been staying in a New York hotel which Kris has failed to visit.'<br><br>The couple have been dogged by persistent reports that all is not well between them for several weeks now.<br><br><img src="" height="940" width="634" alt="Going solo: Kim went to the Midori Green Halloween Party at Lavo in New York City on Friday without Kris" class="blkBorder" />Going solo: Kim went to the Midori Green Halloween Party at Lavo in New York City on Friday without Kris<br><br><img src="" height="335" width="634" alt="Charting the downfall: The MailOnline reported earlier this month how Kim and Kris's marriage was in crisis" class="blkBorder" />Charting the downfall: The MailOnline reported earlier this month how Kim and Kris's marriage was in crisis<br><br><img src="" height="193" width="634" alt="Cracks beginning to show: On October 21 we carried a story about Kris moving out of their NYC hotel where they filmed their reality show" class="blkBorder" />Cracks beginning to show: On October 21 we carried a story about Kris moving out of their NYC hotel where they filmed their reality show<br><br><img src="" height="198" width="634" alt="Insider: A source told MailOnline that the couple were headed for a split" class="blkBorder" />Insider: A source told MailOnline that the couple were headed for a split<br><br>Earlier this month Star magazine claimed Humphries has been spotted partying in both Miami and New York without Kim, getting flirty with multiple women and 'acting like a single man.'<br><br>U.S. magazine Life &amp; Style alleges that on a recent trip to Toronto, Kris contacted his ex-girlfriend, Bianka Kamber.<br><br>The magazine also spoke to a Kourtney &amp; Kim Take New York producer who said: 'Kim's mapping out 2012, including holidays, and Kris isn't a part of it. Any itineraries for the future don't include Kris very much.'<br><br>The couple's fiery relationship was captured on her reality show Keeping Up With Kardashians, where strong-minded Kris frequently complained about feeling 'emasculated' by Kim.<br><br>Another big factor behind the split apparently hinged on a difference in opinion about where to live once the wedding fuss died down.<br><br><img src="" height="736" width="634" alt="Showing the strain: Kim and Kris, pictured last Wednesday, leaving Izakaya Restaurant. Soon after this picture was taken they were spotted having what appeared to be a heated discussion in their car by videographers" class="blkBorder" />Showing the strain: Kim and Kris, pictured last Wednesday, leaving Izakaya Restaurant. Soon after this picture was taken they were spotted having what appeared to be a heated discussion in their car by videographers <br><br><img src="" height="767" width="634" alt="Frosty: Kim and Kris pictured together just a week ago leaving the Dancing With The Stars studios where the reality star supported her brother Rob from the audience" class="blkBorder" />Frosty: Kim and Kris pictured together just a week ago leaving the Dancing With The Stars studios where the reality star supported her brother Rob from the audience<br><br>According to TMZ, sources revealed Kris was set on moving to his home state of Minnesota.<br><br>Kim, meanwhile, wanted to stay in Los Angeles, she she is from and where she believes her career can be best served.<br><br>The website adds that the while the break up is not a 'nasty one' the couple came to the realisation that things would not work out long-term.<br><br><img src="" height="422" width="634" alt="Lavish affair: Kim and Kris raked in a reported $18m from their wedding in Montecito, California on August 20" class="blkBorder" />Lavish affair: Kim and Kris raked in a reported $18m from their wedding in Montecito, California on August 20<br><br>Over the weekend Kim attended a Halloween party in New York - but tellingly did not bring <a href=""><strong></strong></a> Kris along.<br><br>She instead made a red carpet appearance with her PR friend Jonathan Cheban at the Midori Green event.<br><br>Over recent weeks the reality star has often been spotted alone and without Humphries.<br><br>Following their wedding, the couple shared a brief honeymoon together in Italy.<br><br>Former flames: Kim was married to music producer Damon Thomas, left, between 2000 and 2004, and also dated singer Ray J, centre, for two years and NFL star Reggie Bush for three years, right<br><br>Kim &amp; Kris rollercoaster relationship...<br><br>November 2010: Kim Kardashian starts dating basketball player Kris Humphries after spotting him at a New Jersey Nets game towards the end of filming the first series of spin-off reality show Kourtney &amp; Kim Take New York. 'I'm having a lot of fun with him,' she tells People. <br><br>May 18 2011: After just six months of dating, Kris proposes to Kim in the bedroom of her Los Angeles home, spelling out the words: 'Will you marry me?' in red rose petals on the floor, and arranging candles in hearts around the room. A 16.5-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond engagement ring worth a rumoured $2 million sealed the deal. 'Words can't describe how happy we are,' Kim tells E! News.<br><br>June 2011: Kris joins the Kardashians for a family trip to tropical Bora Bora where he and Kim witness stepfather Bruce and mother Kris Jenner renewing their marriage vows. <br><br>August 20 2011: Kim and Kris tie the knot in Montecito, California in a $10 million ceremony captured by the E! Online cameras for a two-part reality wedding special <br><br>August 21 2011: The newlyweds get away for a week-long honeymoon at Italy's Amalfi coast. 'Our honeymoon was so perfect,' Kim told Us magazine <br><br>October 20 2011: Reports surface that the marriage is on the rocks after Kris is spotted out in New York without his wedding ring. <br><br>October 21 2011: Kim and Kris put on a united front as they celebrate Kim's 31st birthday together in New York <br><br>October 31 2011: Kim and Kris announce they are to divorce after just 72 hours of marriage <br><br>... and her other loves and losses<br><br>Damon Thomas (2000-2004) <br><br>The 19-year-old Kim marries the music producer in a Las Vegas ceremony but the pair divorce four years later, with Kim accusing Damon of physical and emotional abuse in the divorce papers, which he denies. <br><br>Ray J (2006-2007)<br><br>Then just a Hollywood stylist, Kim finds fame with Brandy's younger brother after their sex tape is leaked, with Vivid Entertainment buying it for $1 million back in 2007. She becomes a household name and Keeping up with the Kardashians begins airing on E!<br><br>Nick Lachey (2006)<br><br>Kim has a brief unconfirmed fling with the TV presenter and singer, after his split from wife Jessica Simpson. 'They're sweet on each other,' a source tells People. <br><br>Reggie Bush (2007-2010) <br><br>Kim dates American footballer Reggie Bush on and off for three years with the Kardashian reality show cameras capturing plenty of their relationship drama. They finally call it quits in September 2009.<br><br>Miles Austin (2010)<br><br>Her romance with the Dallas Cowboys American Football star fizzles out after a few months with the couple unable to manage a long distance relationship<br><br><img src="" width="389" /><br><br>Gabriel Aubry (2010)<br><br>Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend is spotted out and about with Kim following his break up from the Oscar winner, but the romance is over after just a month<br><br>But they quickly returned to New York to begin filming on her spin-off reality show Kourtney &amp; Kim Take New York, where they lived in a plush NYC hotel suite along with Kourtney and her boyfriend Scott Disick.<br><br>Kim and Kris started dating last November soon after Kim ended her brief dalliance with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry - Halle Berry's ex - and announced their engagement in May.<br><br>This will mark the second failed marriage for Kim, she eloped to Las Vegas with music producer Damon Thomas - 10 years her senior - when she was just 19, but divorced in 2004 after four years together.<br><br>She has also had high-profile relationships with RnB singer Ray J, who she filmed a sex tape with, and NFL star Reggie Bush.<br><br><img src="" height="347" width="634" alt="Saying it with flowers: Kris proposed to Kim in May in scenes filmed for the Kardashian reality show, spelling out 'Will you marry me?' in rose petals" class="blkBorder" />Saying it with flowers: Kris proposed to Kim in May in scenes filmed for the Kardashian reality show, spelling out 'Will you marry me?' in rose petals<br><br><img src="" height="404" width="634" alt="'Yes': Kim agreed - but the marriage was short-lived" class="blkBorder" />'Yes': Kim agreed - but the marriage was short-lived<br><br>SHORTEST LIVED CELEBRITY MARRIAGES<br><br>1. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander (55 hours)<br><br>It was a mere 55 hours before Britney Spears called time on her marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander, after they impulsively wed in Las Vegas back in 2004. 'We were just looking at each other and said, "Let's do something wild, crazy. Let's go get married, just for the hell of it,' Alexander told Access Hollywood about their nuptials. <br><br>2. Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips (nine days)<br><br>The actor married Mamas and Papas singer Michelle Phillips in 1970. But their marriage only lasted eight days. Apparently, Hopper woke up so stoned the morning after their wedding that he didn't recognise his new bride. <br><br>3. Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra (nine days)<br><br>The Baywatch star and eccentric basketball player wed in Las Vegas back in November 1998. Just nine days later, Rodman filed for divorce, claiming he was of 'unsound mind' when the couple tried the knot. <br><br>4. Ali Landry and Mario Lopez (14 days)<br><br>The Extra host dated the model and actress for six years before tying the knot in April 2004. The couple split two weeks later amidst rumours of Lopez's infidelity. Lopez recently told Howard Stern: 'That was a situation where I was not mature and man enough.'<br><br>5. Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas (19 days)<br><br>Drew Barrymore was just 19-years-old when she tied the knot with bar owner Jeremy Thomas back in 1994 after dating for just six weeks. 'We're trying to figure out (living arrangements) now,' she told People after the nuptials. 'Usually people live together first and then get married. I guess we're doing it the old-fashioned way. Kind of.'<br><br>6. Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon (70 days)<br><br>The Baywatch star married film producer Salomon in October 2007, in the two and a half hour break between Anderson's magic show in Sin City before Anderson filed for divorce, citing 'irreconcilable differences.'<br><br>7. Nicholas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley (121 days)<br><br>Cage and Presley filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, less than four months after they wed in 2002 in Hawaii. 'I'm sad about this, but we shouldn't have been married in the first place. It was a big mistake," Presley said in a statement.'<br><br>8. Rene Zellweger and Kenny Chesney (121 days)<br><br>After a romantic beach side wedding at St. John in the Virgin Islands, the Oscar-winning actress and country singer filed for an annulment. Chesney has since opened up to Oprah Winfrey about the split saying: 'I panicked. She's a sweet soul, no doubt about it, but I just wasn't ready.'<br><br>SOURCE: Wikipedia<br><br> New scam with a twist: It appears to be from the FTC Primer blog 2016-04-19T22:26:02Z You get a letter in the mail with what appears to be the seal of the Federal Trade Commission signed by "FTC Director" Jessica Rich saying you've won a cash prize and the FTC will help you collect. It might look legitimate, and Jessica Rich really is the director of consumer protection for the FTC, but it's a scam. <br><br>The FTC issued a warning on Thursday to beware of this letter, which seeks to extract $5,000 from victims to pay for the "Legal Registration Bond" required to collect the supposed prize.<br><br>"The language might sound legal, and the letter might look legit," the FTC said in its warning. "You might look up Jessica Rich and see she's an actual FTC official. But the truth is, there's nothing legal or official about it. It's a fake letter designed to convince you to send money for a non-existent prize."<br><br><img src="" width="264" /><br><br>It's a classic scam to get people to pay in advance -- a tax, a fee, or a "Legal Registration Bond" -- to collect winnings that don't exist. Scam artists have long preyed on victims' willingness to suspend disbelief when the prospect of making lots of money is dangled.<br><br>But <a href=""><strong></strong></a> using the legitimacy of the FTC is an interesting twist and the agency wants to make sure people are aware, noting in the warning that:<br><br>The FTC doesn't oversee sweepstakes.No federal government agency will contact you to ask for money so you can claim a prize.If you enter <a href=""><strong>Livejasmin Hack No Survey Download</strong></a> and win a legitimate sweepstakes, you don't have to pay insurance, taxes, or shipping charges to collect your prize. If you have to pay, it's not a prize.<br><br>While government imposter scams have been sharply on the rise, they've tended to be more focused on intimidation -- like getting a call from someone posing as an Internal Revenue Service agent trying to get you to pay a supposed old tax bill.<br><br>If you do get an email, phone call or letter telling you that you've won something, you ought to check out the FTC's guide to spotting prize scams before you try to collect.<br><br>2015 CBS Interactive Inc.. All Rights Reserved. <br><br>